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America's Dentists Care Foundation

America's Dentists Care Foundation, or ADCF, is a national non-profit organization located in Wichita, Kansas dedicated to delivering oral health care to the underserved. ADCF supports dental Missions of Mercy (MOM) clinics, which provide free oral health care to any person who attends on a first come, first served basis—no questions asked.

At a typical two-day MOM event, about 1,400 dental and lay volunteers come together to serve an average of 1,600 patients. ADCF provides not only equipment and instruments, but also guidance and proven practices necessary to host a successful event. The organization owns three semi-trailers, each with the equipment, tools and instruments needed for a dental clinic. Two of our trailers are equipped for a 100-chair clinic. In January 2015, ADCF launched a 45-unit trailer for states wanting to host smaller-scale clinics. Each organization that rents an ADCF trailer for a clinic receives not only access to the trailer and its contents, but also staff support and expertise.

The America's Dentists Care Foundation facilitates the delivery of charitable oral health care to the underserved.

The America's Dentists Care Foundation strives to create a network of concerned individuals and organizations that raise awareness and address the oral health needs of the underserved.

In 2000, a Virginia-based dentist organized the first Mission of Mercy dental clinic. Kansas became the third member of the MOM family in 2003; then in 2005, Nebraska hosted its first event. To keep up with the growing number of MOMs across the country, Kansas and Nebraska began lending out their equipment, and volunteer dentists from the two states realized the need for a foundation that could own, maintain and provide the equipment required to host an event. Finally, in 2008, that idea became a reality through the founding of America's Dentists Care Foundation.

Meet the Board

America's Dentists Care Foundation was established in 2008 as a non-profit corporation to address the lack of quality equipment availability for MOM events.

Representatives from each of the participating states have joined for the purpose of acquiring, maintaining and shipping the expensive dental equipment needed to host a state-run MOM event.

Paul Batley

Henry Schein
Immediate Past President
Fred Eichmiller, DDS, MS

Delta Dental of Wisconsin
Charles Wood, DDS

Vice President
Lani Becker

CE Select

Alejandro Aguirre, DDS

Carmelo Cinqueonce

Minnesota Dental Association
Robin Gathman

Planmeca USA
Kevin Conroy

Central Arizona Dental
Society Foundation

Josh Killian

Patterson Dental
Dr. Andy Soderstrom

Pediatric Dentist
Karyn Stockwell, DMD

Andy Whitehead

New York

Rieger Wood, DDS


Meet the Team

Bill Blasing

Executive Director
Erika Elving

and Administrative
Aaron Biggs

Program Manager
Events and Equipment

Ben Hopper

Program Manager
Events and Equipment
Zach Ioerger

Program Manager
Events and Equipment

Jordan McAtee

Equipment Technician

America's Dentists Care Foundation Missions of Mercy
9110 E. 35th St. N
Wichita, KS 67226

America's Dentists Care Foundation does not provide free dental care. If you are in need and there is not a MOM planned in your area, please contact your state dental association for any outreach clinics that may be in your area. Visit the Find an Event page to find a MOM near you!

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