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4. Is this your first MOM event? If NO, Please complete A-F:* YES  NO
A. What was the budget for your last event?:
B. How many patients did you project serving at that event?:
C. How many patients did you actually serve?:
D. Amount of funds from any prior events to apply to this event:
E. Were your previous event(s) well organized and set to high professional standards?: YES  NO
F. Is there an endowment fund for your MOM events?: YES  NO
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5. Specific budgeted items for this event where any Patterson Foundation funds would be applied:*
What percentage of funds have you secured for this event? Budget with line items for expenses and revenues must be submitted for grant consideration:*
7. Are you willing to comply with all covenants of the ADCF contract?:* YES  NO
8. Have you ever formally applied for funds from Patterson Foundation for previous events?:* YES  NO
8-a. If YES, When did you last apply?:
9. Have you ever received funds from Patterson Foundation for a previous event?:* YES  NO
9-a. If YES, how much did you receive?:
10. Is Patterson involved with your event?:* YES  NO
10-a. If YES, What is the name of your contact?:
10-b. What is the contact number for that person?:
11. I have reviewed the criteria for Patterson Foundation MOM grants and all the information in this application is accurate at this time.:* YES  NO
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America's Dentists Care Foundation does not provide free dental care. If you are in need and there is not a MOM planned in your area, please contact your state dental association for any outreach clinics that may be in your area. Visit the Find an Event page to find a MOM near you!

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