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Patterson Foundation in Cooperation with America's Dentists Care Foundation

Please read the following criteria carefully as there may have been changes. Any application that does not meet the required criteria will not be considered for a grant.

Information & Criteria for State MOMs Applying for A Patterson Foundation Grant

This information and application is for state MOMs seeking a Patterson Foundation grant funds for an upcoming MOM event.

States seeking grants from Patterson Foundation now must use this application form. The Patterson Foundation no longer accepts grant applications for local MOM events.


•  Applications will be accepted at least 4 months in advance of event, but not more than 8 months in advance of event
•  Applications will be reviewed by a committee at ADCF and then finalized and funded by Patterson Foundation
•  Approved grants will be distributed within 45 days of receipt

The Grants:

•  Will be awarded up to $7,500, depending upon information received in application
•  NO grant funds will be provided for ADCF rental fees or for the purchase of dental supplies
•  NO more than one grant will be considered for each event

Mandatory Criteria Checklist:

(All criteria must be met to be considered for funding.)
•  Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) organization and be in current compliance with the IRS
•  Event must use ADCF equipment (at least 75 operatories) and expertise
•  Event organizers agree to follow professionally accepted dental protocols
•  Event organizers agree all will be treated at no charge without restrictions
•  Patterson Dental employees must be involved in the event. Patterson involvement will be confirmed by the committee and grants will be given accordingly based on participation.
•  Approximately 50% of the total event budget must be secured before applying
•  All funds granted must be used for the event specified

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America's Dentists Care Foundation does not provide free dental care. If you are in need and there is not a MOM planned in your area, please contact your state dental association for any outreach clinics that may be in your area. Visit the Find an Event page to find a MOM near you!

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